Who hasn’t heard of butterbeer? If you haven’t your probably a muggle sound don’t worry about it.
I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter and just had to try and make butterbeer.
I actually haven’t tried butterbeer before as we ran out of time in London :(… So I thought! Let’s try this at home.
My cousin helped me… And here it is! 
Enjoy my Butterbeer video!



Penang: Food and Culture 

I love Penang. It’s such a vibrant and beautiful city. We flew here for a quick getaway and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

We stayed in George Town for our 3 night stay so unfortunately didn’t get to experience the night markets or north Penang. But, I loved Georgetown and would definitely recommend it.

 I like doing things on the cheap so booked our accomodation on Expedia. We stayed at the Hotel Neo+ Penang, it was only $180AUD for 3 nights so I couldn’t say no. The wall had a few dirty marks but it was liveable and the bed was super comfy! Plus, it was really close to shopping and things that were a bit further we just jumped into an Uber as it cost  next to nothing. 

Our room at the Neo+ Hotel Penang

If you are in Penang you should do the Upside Down Museum it’s a lot of fun for all ages. Entry is RM27 ($9AUD) per adult and RM16 ($5.50AUD) for children. You must take your shoes off to enter as everything is a display and the friendly staff help you take amazing photos.

You can find this funny museum at 45 Kimblery Street, 10100 Georgetown, Penang.

Just hanging at The Upside Down Museum

We also went Mural hunting with the help of a map that I grabbed at the airport. The art was so creative and amazing and just wished we had time to see every one. You will need patience as you will find a lot of people like to take photos of the art, but if you are quick enough you can take a snap in between.

Amazing wall art!
We found this girl not far from our hotel
And this boy 🙂

A trip up to Penang Hill is a must-do! The train trip is fun, if a little squishy but the view from above is well worth the wait. They even have a bridge where you can buy padlocks to attach. Me, being frugal I did not buy one and wished I did research before to bring a padlock of my own. However, if you want to do the cute love thing and willing to spend a little, this is a great place to lock in your love! 

Padlocks at Penang Hill

Of course you can’t go past street food in Penang. It’s super cheap and extremely tasty. I didn’t have any tummy problems but would recommend taking tablets in case  your stomach is quite sensitive. I even tried Assam Laksa (A spicy and tangy fish soup) at a side stall which was absolutely amazing! Don’t let the look fool you… It’s tasty.

Don’t be put off by the look, this is amazing!

On our return from Penang Hill we decided to do a high tea at Suffolk House, which was absolutely scrumptious!  The tea for two was an extremely affordable RM90 (approximately $30AUD) and I would definitely go there again. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful and the venue was gorgeous. There was beautiful gardens surrounding and the decor and building were so beautiful, for a second I forgot where I was. 

That means all that yummy food and tea above was only about $15AUD per person! How amazing is that? 
If you ever feel like experiencing culture and art and eating amazing food then Penang is the place for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go book it now. You won’t regret it.

What are you favourite things to do in Penang? 



Was it a Full Moon Party on Koh Rong Sanloem?

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. Job hunting and interviews have become my every day. However, I did promise you a post about Koh Rong Sanloem and I will deliver! 

Amanda and I actually had no intentions of visiting this beautiful island, but it’s funny how things work out. On our night bus to Sihounakville we met a brother and sister from Australia. They asked if we were going to the Full Moon Party, to which we answered no, because we didn’t know of one in Cambodia!

When we reached Sihounakville we changed our minds and decided to buy tickets for this Full Moon Party and head to Koh Rong Sanloem. I mean look at the flyer below. That’s pretty convincing don’t you think? So we took the Speedboat the next day to enjoy the island.

The island was beautiful and we practically had the ocean to ourselves. Here we stayed at The Beach Island Resort as our Google searches told us that the party was behind here. We stayed in a bungalow with a shared bathroom for $25 USD but the lady who checked us in was very accomodating. As it wasn’t too busy she managed to block out the bungalow next to ours and we had the bathroom to ourselves. 

The Bungalows

This place was paradise. It’s hard to believe we were in Cambodia. The sand was white, the water was blue and it was just so peaceful. We stayed an extra night because we loved it so much.

Power and wifi is limited on this island and it kept cutting out. We woke up to no power and showering in the dark was difficult but just all part of the experience. We were lucky that the power was on most of the time but do ask when you’re on the island as every property is different. 

This was our bedroom

Now this Full Moon Party.

Don’t expect anything like the Thailabd one, because it definitely is not. We thought we’d have a pre-drink at the bar and asked the bar tender how to get to the party. Little did we realise that this party was up in the jungle… and it would take us about 45 minutes climbing up something like 400 steps!! 

Luckily we found some locals who were also going to the party; as the entrance up into the jungle is very hard to find. There isn’t a lot of lighting so you need a torch and definitely take water with you. I’m not the fittest person and by the time we got to the top I was exhausted. What awaited us 2 hours into the party was about 20 people. That’s right. 20 people.

We were wondering what we got ourselves into! However, the party did pick up about midnight and we danced a lot! We did meet a really cool bunch of people though, and went swimming at 4am to see the glowing plankton. So all was not lost. To be honest, if I knew about the trek ahead of me I probably would not have done it. But, I’m glad I did because it was definitely something to tick off the bucket list. 

Was it a Full Moon Party? Well, we partied under the full moon so technically yes. Just don’t expect an all night rave though as the party was shut down at about 4:30/5am.

That’s me! We were the only ones in the water!
So happy!

All in all. I loved Cambodia. It was an amazing country that I definitely want to visit again. Just remember that they work predominantly in USD and you will end up spending more than you expect. But to gain such wonderful memories and experiences. That is priceless.

The Crafty Traveller


Cambodia continued..

Sorry for being MIA last week as I was still gallivanting around Cambodia. Boy, was I gallivanting! 

Silly us didn’t do our research and spent $20 USD to explore Siem Reap for an hour. You get a day pass which lets you explore the temples and even though I shamelessly asked, there is no discounts for late entries. 

Oh, by the way if they try and tell you yes you can go in for free after 5pm which we were told twice. No, you can’t. You can get in free after 5pm if you pay for a pass for the next day.

However, all that aside it was AMAZING! And the guards luckily let us climb up at 5:01 to the upper temple when it’s meant to close at 5:00! I can never see that happening in Australia. It would be closed at 4:50! Haha! 

Yes, I did freak out climbing down that.

We also spent some time on pub street. There were a few good happy hour deals but nothing as great as we saw in Phnom Penh. There’s a lot of food places and it’s a great location as it is close to the night markets.

The markets were quiet because of the rainy season, so I spent up a storm without a crowd to bother me. I couldn’t stop myself and bought a shirt with an elephant taking a selfie. That pretty much sums up me! 

Frozen strawberry daiquiri

After Siem Reap, we took the night bus to Sihounakville. It’s a pretty decent bus and you will be sharing your bed with someone else. Usually a friend. However, one girl did end up bunking with a stranger. 
Make sure you take toilet paper because the toilet break is literally a drop loo. So don’t expect any luxuries! But hey, it’s all part of the experience right? There is no wifi and the tv doesn’t work but as it was night we slept anyway, or tried to sleep as best we could. 

Our night bus

Sihounakville is a small town. We only spent one night here before going to Koh Rong Sanloem. Our bus buddies told us about a full moon party that we wanted to check out! 

Oh a handy tip. Don’t expect Serendipity beach to be full of white sand. This place has a lot of restaurants so you can eat on the beach but that does mean that this is not as clean due to the high traffic. However, staying near here is a good idea if you’re looking at taking the ferry to Koh Rong or Koh Rong Sanloem as the port is here.

Now, Koh Rong Sanloem pretty much needs it’s own post. As I missed last week I’ll post a new travel entry tomorrow! 

Has anyone else been to Siem Reap or Sihounakville? What were your highlights? 


The Crafty Traveller 

Cambodia: the place of smiles

Hi all,

This is a different kind of travel post because I’m in Cambodia right now! 

The first impression: these people here are always smiling. They’re so friendly and welcoming and I love them! 

My first night was spent in Phnom Penh at the Queen Grand Boutique Hotel. For $73 AUD I fell in love! Elegant, comfy, clean – this place had it all! I even got a free upgrade to a balcony room. Winning! 

I actually wasn’t going to stay in this gorgeous hotel but as my friends flight got delayed I decided to spoil myself and boy am I glad I did! Friendly staff, really reliable wifi and decent breakfast. Make sure you order off the cooked options as the buffet doesn’t have as much variety. 

The next place we stayed at was The Sundance Riverside. Great location. Decent rooms (a little run down but liveable) and very friendly staff. Was only $25USD for the night and had a decent pool. 

Breakfast wasn’t included in this but they had food options downstairs you could buy. We didn’t as we were travelling onto Siem Reap and didn’t have time.

During the day we went to Cheung Ek. This place. No words. I just can’t believe that these things were happening only some 40 years ago. Definitely take a moment after you may need it.

This was the only photo I could bring myself to take along the grounds. Definitely a must see when visiting Phnom Penh.

More to come tomorrow as I am hungry and want to explore Siem Reap tonight.

Any suggestions? 

The Crafty Traveller


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Dream bigger 

I’m still unemployed, but hoping for some doors to open soon. I’ll be happy with just one door!

I have so many plans, so many dreams, so many ideas. I just have to have the courage to go out there and reach for it.Do you ever feel that you were put here to do much greater things than you are now?
I believe the biggest obstacle we face is ourselves. I’ve given myself so many excuses of why it won’t work, that I don’t even try. Enough of that.

Well, here’s to bigger and better things.

Have a great week guys, and I’ll leave you with this:


The Crafty Traveller
P.S I’ll have a new travel post up next week!